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Decode & parse Browser, Device, and OS from User-Agent strings

Fast, secure JSON API web service to lookup User-Agent strings


Your user-agent string:
CCBot/2.0 (

Decodes as type: Bot

Browser:  Unknown  
Version:  2  
Full:  2.0  
Engine:  Unknown  
Device:  Unknown  
Mobile:  false  
Name:  Unknown  
Vendor:  Unknown  
Vendor:  Unknown


In the past month, there have been
171 new user agents every day.
Do you know them all? We do.


Deliver the right contents to the right users: whether they're customers, crawlers, or spambots. Why?

    Customized content: Provide content to your web visitors appropriate for their screen size and OS.  
    Targeted advertising: Show mobile ads to mobile users, and platform-specific ads to the right people.  
    Native application provisioning: Providing a download? Then make sure you're offering the right one for each visitor.  
    Spambot defense: Detect spambots easily and keep them out of your forms and signup pages.  
    Crawler detection: Send web crawlers to your site indexes and cloaked content.  



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